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Membership Survey January 12, 2018


1. Why are you a member of GLAAS or if you are new, why are you wanting to become a member?

* Likes what it stands for

* Want to surround myself with like minded people

* Acceptance, feeling free, meeting new people, socializing, awesome potlucks

* Interested in the history of civil rights and LGBT issues, counseling gay/lesbian kids

* As a single, opportunity to be part of a community “within a community”

* I want to demonstrate support as an ally

* Everybody is neat.


2. GLAAS has typically had social functions and formal programs. What other ideas could you recommend       for social activities for GLAAS?

* Group dinners outside of SB

* Trips to theaters, museums, musical venues as a group

* Game nights – rummy cube, Mexican train, trivia, wine tasting

* Day trip where we charter a bus for a field trip activity

* Monthly book club discussion (choose a relevant book/ discuss the following month)

* House parties

* Charades, dance night with all kinds of music, “coming out stories or any/all personal stories.

* Bowling activity; do an improv show, scavenger hunt, fun night or joke night, cocktail sharing.

* Group discussion of political issues/ideas and how can we participate (i.e. Women’s March)


3. What formal program would you like GLAAS to have?

* Education of civil rights

* Topic programs such as tax issues, Medicare, healthcare, assisted living, aging without children, aging in place, relationships, sexuality

* Speakers on various LGBT issues such as transgender, religion, gender studies (reach out to U of A and other places for resources)

* Being a gay grandparent; being gay and having straight children and related issues

* Cleric panels

* What it was like to be a closeted professional/employee

* PFLAG and other topics to bring in more allies

* Homophobia in today’s world


4. Other than current GLAAS members, do you know a gay, lesbian, or transgender person? If so, what would this person tell you is their most misunderstood concept about them?

* All gay men are promiscuous

* Sex practices and sex change operations

* LGBT people are not normal and mentally ill.

* Someone judging you and being completely wrong in their assessment.


5. Are there negative words or slogans about gay, transgender or lesbian persons that you have heard that are discriminatory or have made you angry? If so, can you recall some of these words or phrases? Did you feel comfortable to intervene?

* Fag, dyke, you are mentally ill – and we can cure you!

* Pervert queer, fairy, homo, child molester

* Which one of you is the man/woman?

* I have it when a member of my family got called a dyke.

* Being laughed at

* One group stated they do confront others who make derogatory remarks.


6. Do you know of any resources that are published to help educate others about the LGBT community?

* PFLAG has wonderful resources

* HRC (Human Rights Commission)

* Homosexuality as Viewed From 5 Perspectives by Marcia Weitzmann


7. Should GLAAS have topics on current “legal issues” such as the baker refusing to bake a

cake for same sex couple? Or would this be too divisive even though it does occur?

   * There was uniform consensus that GLAAS should address current legal issues as this would not be      divisive, but rather enlightening and educational.

  * Yes……back to # 2 and 3…….civil rights


8. Other than attending GLAAS meetings, can you share personal stories about how you have supported the LGBT community or an LGBT person?

* Once again, there is much interest in “sharing” personal stories

* Discussions about various countries. etc……their support/acceptance/rejection of LGBT issues and the LGBT community

* NEA (National Education Association) curriculum writer – find individuals who through their work or career have helped frame training policies, curriculum, etc


9. GLAAS allies are a significant and important part of our club. They have demonstrated

through their presence and commitment that connections with people are much more

important than shying away. Is there something GLAAS can do to help support these

allies as they embrace gay, lesbian and transgender persons?

* More updated brochures

* Keep GLAAS website updated

* Encourage allies to join GLAAS

* Let the wisdom of experienced gays/lesbians act as teachers to allies who want to learn more about our   lifestyle.

* Have an allies night.

* Continue to have programs of interest which would draw additional allies

* Promote “acceptance” as the norm.

* Continue to be inclusive


10. How many snowbirds are in this group?

* Only 9 people responded as snowbirds; rest live here full time.


11. Should GLAAS do a 50/50 raffle at a meeting to raise money?

* All groups but one stated yes but would like to be informed how money is to be used.

Other Feedback:

Where did the Q come in our group’s name?